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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR):

Dial A Chicken, aims to help resolve social problems for the common good. As a part of corporate strategy, we voluntarily participate for corporate social responsibility. Restoring children's rights in India is a key theme of the our organization's social commitment.

Dial A Chicken, spends 2 % of the net profit as a part of "Corporate Social Responsibility" by charitable funding to the NGO's like, "Child Rights and You" commonly abbreviated as CRY, is a non-profit organisation in India that aims to restore children's rights in India, by employees volunteerism on children's rights projects.

Basic principles(Children's Rights):

Basic principle defined by the United Nations, Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), an international human rights treaty which has been ratified by 192 countries.

The CRC is built on certain "foundation principles" that underpin all other children's rights. The CRC confers the following basic rights on all children across the world, without discrimination:

# the right to survival, to life, health, nutrition, name including nationality,

# the right to development of education, care, leisure, and recreation,

# the right to protection from exploitation, abuse and neglect,

# the right to participation in expression, information, thought and religion.

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